Carbon Monoxide is a highly dangerous gas produced when any carbon-based fuel is burned. Colourless and odourless, it is a silent killer. This perfect poison lurks in all of our homes, produced whenever we use gas cookers, central heating and hot water boilers, gas heaters, camping stoves and wood burning stoves.

This 50 minute documentary focuses on this hidden danger and presents startling evidence that life-changing injuries from pernicious CO poisoning are far more numerous than official figures suggest.

Made with the full participation of CO Awareness, the leading charity dealing with CO poisoning, political figures and members of the medical profession, The Perfect Poison examines the terrible toll exacted by this largely unrecognised – and unreported – danger. Heartbreaking interviews with victims and their relatives illustrate its tragic effects on families and individuals, including one couple whose thirteen year old daughter was killed by CO leaking from the house next door.

The documentary is both emotionally disturbing and a call to action. Concerned doctors speak out to highlight the astonishing lack of medical awareness of CO poisoning, asking why front-line medical staff do not receive the straightforward information and training required to spot symptoms and prevent often permanent, life-changing damage to the organs including the brain.

Why, when almost all of us use boilers, gas cookers and so on, do the UK NHS and emergency staff not routinely test for CO poisoning – or even ask the simplest of indicative questions? How many people suffering from CO poisoning are being given a prescription for headache pills, an iron supplement or something equally ineffective, and are then being sent home from their GP or from A&E to be poisoned again?

Official figures claim that there are just 4,000 CO-related visits to A&E every year, but the evidence clearly suggests that the real figure is far higher. And if doctors are not trained to spot the symptoms of CO poisoning, how can the Department of Health (or anyone else for that matter) possibly know how many people are being permanently blighted with illnesses ranging from headaches and chronic fatique through to brain and lung damage?

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